Lungs, Dirt and Dreams by Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters
2012 CD

Surrounded by an everchanging cast of musicians that make up The Whispering Drifters, it is apparent that Damon Moon is not afraid of change. This shows up in his songwriting just as much as it has in his touring lineups in the past 3+ years.

The whole thing began as a recording project when Damon Moon left another Atlanta band, and didn't know where to put his energy. He started writing a few songs and recording at a close friend's home studio. It wasn't until a few months later, and 5 or 6 songs in, that it became apparent that a full-length record was in the works, unintentionally, until then.

Moon spent several more months writing and recording what would become Meridian Road, Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters first full-length record. Once the record was nearing completion, Moon recruited several close friends from other area bands to form The Whispering Drifters.

After a stint of local shows, and with the record still not released, Moon decided to record a quick EP to release in a limited quantity, to help maintain interest among local followers. That EP, BURLAP, consisted of 8 acoustic tracks recorded on Christmas Eve, in 2009, in a bathroom.

Meridian Road was released in March of 2010, and since then, Moon has gone through extensive over-hauls in his touring lineups, and released two more EPs (The Holy Noise EP, and Snowed In Sessions, which was comprised of 4 cover tunes, recorded in the Snowy December of 2010).

Most of Moon's songs up until this point have shared rather dark themes, and seemingly have been about a feeling of restlessness, maybe the finding of a home, or at least the pursuit of one.

Now, six US tours later, with the release of three EPs, one full length, and another on the horizon, it appears Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters has found their home, on the road, spreading their brand of noisy and experimental Americana, one city and one show at a time. The band's 2nd LP entitled Lungs, Dirt & Dreams was recorded in a cabin on a mountain near Tiger, GA. It will be released on February 21st on Adair Park Recordings.

Moon says of the record, "The whole idea of being able to take an extended period of time out of your life, to spend in an isolated environment out in the wilderness to record a record, is something that I think every musician dreams about (I know I have for many years)."

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"There's something dark and eerie about the opening tracks of Damon Moon's new LP, Lungs, Dirt & Dreams. The title track flirts with dreamy guitars, but not in the sense of the pleasant atmospheric; rather they echo through the darkness, seemingly coming from every direction. And then there's Moon's soft vocals somewhere between a mystery and a (surprise, surprise) whisper.

This continues throughout Lungs, Dirt & Dreams.

In a way, the album is a bit conceptual. Songs blend into each other, many of varying length from less than a minute to just over seven. They, too, range from borderline folky ("The Fool" and "Gild The Lily") to wild with epic noisy shoegaze ("Restless Roads End").

But there is more. The sounds are all great, but dive into the metaphysical nature of what Damon Moon has put into his lyrics and you'll be transported to a different plane of existence. It took a while for that realization to strike, but it was the instrumental "Robert Pirsig's Blues" that did it (the title). Pirsig, of course, being the author of the brilliant Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Within Lungs, Dirt & Dreams are twelve songs that aren't entirely songs, rather experiences frozen in time that blend together like faded memories into that which makes up the life of a man. It's a miraculous thing, what Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters have created. Plush with experimentation, ripe with emotion, and filled with all the angst, love, heartbreak and hopelessness we all experience from day to day." - Fensepost