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Atlanta, GA 30308

Wowser Bowser
2012 CD

Wowser Bowser

He's hardly even playing any instruments onstage, and the drummer looks like Pete Townshend.


"'To the Pleasant Life!" intones Pettis, sounding like Bowser if he was actually Charles Foster Kane, and Mario was this plumber that reminded him of the solitary despondency of wealth. But then Mario becomes a charity project, invited to "kick it" and get on a train like it was before sunrise on a bucket list. Juxtaposed with the mdma bubbles they're embedded in it comes off like a spirit guide on the world of tomorrow ride at epcot, layering gurgling synths on top of what sounds like a keytar if it were actually a guitar shaped like a korg. Just don't call him twee, he might cry a tear in the shape of a K." -Discount Coupon


"The rise of Deerhunter opened the door for those more avant-minded groups in town to finally strut their stuff for an audience. The gentlemen of Wowser Bowser create alluring tunes that meld '80s pop warmth with '00s experimentation." - Gabe Vodicka / Creative Loafing Atlanta


"Wowser Bowser is better than N'SYNC, hands down. They hail from Atlanta, GA. There are usually at least three of them on stage. They like balloons and dancing. They dislike candy corn. Yuck. Wowser Bowser plays children's music for adults. Dragon-Pop. Dance-tastic jams. Wanna cookie? How about 500 cookies that you place in your ears?!" - Sean Pritchard / The Blue Indian